Woodland Creation / Carbon Calculator

Companies have a social responsibility to ensure that future generations enjoy the beauty of this planet whilst the luxury of our progressive lifestyles. This is why Edenviro have chosen to compensate their Carbon emission by creating Woodland (approved by the Forestry Commission standard)

We need to join together and take care of our environment. Edenviro does just that, we care about the environment and want to compensate its carbon emission by investing in the woodland carbon code, and have developed a simple tool to help people calculate their carbon emission.

Did you know that a single 30m tall tree can absorb as much as 227 kilograms (50 pounds) of carbon dioxide in a year? Which is equivalent to an average car doing 25,787 miles (41,500 kilometres)!

Carbon Footprint Calculator

The Carbon Calculation tool allows companies and individuals to calculate their carbon emission and either purchase carbon units or contribute to the development of various Woodland creation projects which means you’re investing in local projects where local farmers and/or landowners are working with Edenviro in planting trees to help create an even BETTER HEALTHIER environment.

The calculation is based on the conversion factor provided by DEFRA and allows the user to offset their travel and domestic carbon emissions.

Carbon Projects:

Benson Brook­ Shropshire: Mix Broadleaves Woodland

The site is located on the west flank of Clee Hill overlooking Ludlow (Shropshire). This projects consists of converting 0.5 hectares of Rough Pastures into woodland by planting 1244 Trees which will captures 222 Tonnes of Carbon over their life cycle. The trees will be planted in early 2016 and will include a mixture of Oak, Beech, and Birch. The project will be validated in 2021, it is registered to Markit under the Unique ID: 103000000008782

Our Certification To You

It is vital to the reputation of the Code that any claims made about carbon are true and accurate and that carbon from a given project is not used, or accounted for, more than once.  As a general principle, carbon can only be used once the trees have grown, carbon is sequestered and verified.  Companies using verified Woodland Carbon Units should demonstrate their use in an annual report (environmental, GHG or financial) as well as in other promotional claims.  Landowners, project developers and carbon buyers should make every effort to ensure the appropriateness and accuracy of any claims. The UK Woodland Carbon Registry, a carbon unit registry for the Woodland Carbon Code, hosted by Markit.  This contains units in two forms

Pending Issuance Units of a given ‘vintage’/time-period (essentially a promise to deliver carbon units in a given time-frame) and verified Woodland Carbon Units of a particular vintage/time-period (verified carbon sequestration which can be used, or reported).

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