Feasibility Studies & Design Management

Edenviro undertakes feasibility studies to determine the viability of your project/idea before proceeding with the initial development phase. In essence an assessment of the practicality of the proposed plan or method.

The feasibility stage consists of several key stages:

  • Assessing the operational/maintenance issues, determine root cause.
  • Identify concise and technically viable solutions for root problems (check Hydraulic..)
  • Risk Management Option review, capital cost management, operational cost and constraints and environmental benefits.
  • Assisting in developing project documentation (i.e.: drawing for project planning permissions, process design requirements, Grant applications..)

Design Management

Edenviro can draw on their experience of Commissioning and Site Operations to help with the design and simple effective cost management process. We can undertake the following activities:

  • General Arrangement and Detailed Drawings
  • Pipe and Instrumentation Diagram
  • Writing Equipment specification
  • Undertake Hydraulic calculations