Product Description

edenviro can provide Briquettes ” Heat Logs” produced from Virgin timber by R.T. Crawford in Co Fermanagh.

Delivered on  a pallet containing 100 bags of 10kg.

Heat Logs are an excellent source of environmentally efficient fuel. The logs are blocks of sawdust produced under high pressure (with no binding agent) that can be used as a solid fuel for burners, open fires and heating systems. In relation to their volume Heat Logs offer a high energy value and allow efficient heating.

Manufactured from sustainably sourced Virgin timber.Heat Logs offer the following benefits:

  • Suitable for all types of solid fuel appliances and open fireplaces
  • 100% Virgin Woodchip and Sawdust
  • Environmentally friendly – CO2 Neutral
  • Very low ash – Approx 1%
  • High heating value (= 4800 kcal +/-)
  • Clean to handle and burn

Price includes V.A.T. at 5%.