Seasonned Soft Wood logs- 1m3 Dumpy Bag



Product Description

A dumpy bag of seasoned soft wood logs will contain typically 80% of soft wood and 20% of Hard wood. The softwood is mainly  larch harvested from a managed local wood (near Craven Arms)

This product is BSL approved (BSL0478800-0001), meaning this fuel can be used by participants of the RHI scheme:Renewable heat Incentive

Edenviro supplies to its client logs from wood harvested in well managed woodland within 10 miles radius. In order to reduce carbon emission link with transport. We received the wood from the supplier in long lengths, cut and split in our property before storing it in a shed. We  favour natural drying to save the Kiln drying energy.

In order to provide you with the best quality service, we deliver the product ourselves using a flat bed van and crane. We can therefore deliver the product close to your property.