Project Management & Commissioning

Project Management

Edenviro has extensive experience in various parts of the world dealing with colossal projects from wastewater system overhauls, cultural/corporate communications and inventive methodologies. Providing agile management of specified project scope and can fluently liaise with various third parties to ensure the project is built according to specification, time and budget.


Our main expertise is the fluid management of small to large-scale water and wastewater treatment plants. Focussing on process performance, Edenviro ensures our process is not only achieving your companies functional operations but simultaneously meets the process guaranty. Edenviro can assist with the management of commissioning activities, training operators and providing the correct documentation, deciphering site or communication backlog and liaise with the various parties to get your project commissioned within specification and to achieve beyond the required performance. Edenviro has a detailed range of field knowledge. Mentioning just some of our capabilities;

  • Water Treatment: Chemical Dosing, Ultra filtration, Rapid Gravity Filters, Granular Activate Carbon
  • Waste Water Treatment: Biofiltration, Activated Sludge, Odour Control…
  • Sludge Treatment Process: Thickener, DAF, Dewatering, Sludge Dryer, Tertiary Sand Filter
  • Anaerobic Digestion: Food waste and Waste water Sludge digestion