Other References and Environmental Projects

Rain water, surface water management and treatment, soakaways

Edenviro has been involved in several projects of surface water volume quantification for rainfall frequency and duration  using the HR Wallington method.

integration of SUDS (smart urban drainage system) to deal with the surface water

Estimate the output of the soak away using the BRE 365 Calculation



Our specialist consultants will undertake a legionella water risk assessment of your site, which will include all water systems covered by the ACoP L8 regulations. Your site’s water quality standards will be assessed and you will be given a no obligation water quality improvement strategy.


Woodland carbon creation

Edenviro has developed a woodland Carbon Capture project on a site located on the west flank of Clee Hill overlooking Ludlow (Shropshire). This project consists of converting 0.5 hectares of Rough Pastures into woodland by planting trees, which will capture 222 Tonnes of Carbon over their life cycle. The trees will be planted in early 2016 and will include a mixture of Oak, Beech, and Birch.