Edenviro consultancy have over 15 years experience in water treatment & re-use, waste water & sludge treatment and environmental projects

We help Industries and Farmers to monitor their effluent quality and reduce their pollution impact to a minimal one for this world

We are helping farmers and Industries work together to grow their assets and make a difference for the next generation



At Edenviro we are a environmental consultancy company with over 15 years’ experience in water, waste water treatment and environmental projects including Waste to Energy programmes and Anaerobic Digestion.

Working  across several sectors and delivering a wide range of  environmental projects including  water treatment and waste water treatment, industrial water effluent and waste to energy projects including thermal hydrolysis plant and anaerobic digestors We provide flexible and manageable options for our clients whatever the size of their organisation:  domestic users, small enterprise, housing developers, industries and operating water companies to name a few.


Our aim is to help our clients with existing water treatment plant operation, conduct sampling for Industrial effluent compliance, help with plant performance troubleshooting or develop a detailed feasibility study and select the most practical treatment option for your business.

Based in Ludlow, Shropshire and operating principally in the West Midlands and Wales, we also work on projects throughout the UK and EU.

Having worked with industry leaders within the sector we are confident our expertise will help support your current and future projects and would love to hear from you to see how we could add value.

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Environmental Consultancy Expertise 

Water & Process Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment

Anaerobic Digestion, Sludge Treatment & Disposal


Our Services include

  • Consultancy such as flow monitoring, Sampling and feasibility studies
  • Design and project management
  • On site commissioning and optimisation
  • Site operation
Our services are particularly suited for

  • Industrial water
  • Commercial properties
  • Municipal clients
  • Developers

Why choose Edenviro Consultancy?

Edenviro provides a wide range of services around environmental sustainability and as a dynamic consultancy, we have the capacity to take on any diverse challenge helping you to make a conscious change to our environment and save water.

We have built our technical and vocational knowledge having worked in partnership with global organisations, commercial properties, the farming sector and one to one consultations across drinking and waste water and sludge treatment.

Edenviro has worked on many water treatment projects both in the UK and globally, within our roles we have worked on both traditional and advanced technologies.

We have special relationships with suppliers of high quality water treatment technologies ( Reverse Osmosis) , packaged sewage treatment work, or Biogas treatment equipment. We have acquired a very good knowledge of their products, which help save time with the definition of options or detailed design.

Having developed services around environmental sustainability and we are constantly evolving as a consultancy to take on new challenges, making a conscious change to our environment and save water.

We are so passionate about the environment and have invested in a woodland carbon project to offset the carbon emissions.

Our staff are professional engineers and managers. All site staff hold a valid CSCS card.