Anaerobic Digestion and Sludge Treatment

Edenviro offers advice and support on all aspects of anaerobic digestion, from feedstock specification and pre-treatment to digestate quality management and enhancement. We will work with you to de-risk and optimise your process, whether you process waste materials or agricultural residues.

We are member of the ADBA (Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Association). Our highly skilled team are experienced in the operation and commissioning of anaerobic digesters.

Here is a list of some processes we have been working on:

DAF, digesters, centrifuges, polymer dosing, sludge transfer, dryers and boilers, heat exchangers, pelletisers, conveyors and silos

Farm effluent & Surface water management


Edenviro has been involved in several projects of surface water volume quantification for rainfall frequency and duration using the HR Wallington method.

Integration of SUDS (smart urban drainage system) to deal with the surface water.

Estimate the output of the soak away using the BRE 365 Calculation.

We have knowledge in the design and construction of lagoon and natural treatment processes such as reed beds.


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