Water Treatment

Global water resources are under increasing pressure because of rapidly growing demands and climate change. It has become a necessity for individuals and companies to save water. Our highly experienced technical consultancy team can provide expert advice on a wide range of projects including water treatment, water storage optimisation, new supply delivery and design.

Edenviro has worked on numerous municipal waste water treatment works in UK and across the world from options definition to commissioning. We work on many different processes such as trickling filter works, activated sludge for nutrient removal, MBBR (moving bed bioreactor) and Odour Control.

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Previous projects have included

Chemical Dosing, Pre-Oxidation, Coagulation, Flocculation, Clarification, Filtration, RGF, GAC Filters, UF, Disinfection & Industrial Water

Process water


An area of expertise for Edenviro is using specifications and design of high-quality water for specific including pharmaceutical use or steam generation. We have worked with suppliers of specialised products including nanofiltration/ reverse osmosis (RO) and chemical dosing for water conditioning.

Anerobic digestion and sludge treatment

Cooling water / Legionella control

Our specialist consultants will undertake a legionella water risk assessment of your site, which will include all water systems covered by the ACoP L8 regulations. Your site’s water quality standards will be assessed, and you will be given a no obligation water quality improvement strategy.

Industrial effluent treatment and reuse


Water re-use is a smart option for a sustainable water source. We will investigate options for water re-use and identify the most effective and efficient solutions.

We are working with water companies specialised in effluent treatment and water recycling. Using standardised products results in reliable and cheaper delivery of projects in short timescales (reducing purchasing, site construction and commissioning times).

The typical installation includes both Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) and Membrane Bio reactors (MBR) followed by Reverse Osmosis (RO) and pH correction.

Water saving and water monitoring


ßAt Edenviro wc when you are expertly informed about your water use, you are in a much better position to reduce it.

We can advise and specify Smart monitoring, which will enable you to access detailed information about your site’s water usage online and track it over time. Professional monitoring of your water consumption will help to identify water leakage and wastage.


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