Waste Water Treatment:

Edenviro Waste Water Treatment

Edenviro has wide experience working on waste water treatment plants for municipal treatment as well as Industrial water effluent and water reuse.

We can design, build and operate effluent treatment plants to suit your specific needs. The benefits of our holistic and conscientious approach include reduced costs, reduced risk for environmental compliance.

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Industrial effluent treatment and reuse

Water re-use is a smart option for a sustainable water source. We’ll investigate options for water re-use and identify the most effective and efficient solutions.

We are working with water companies specialised in effluent treatment and water recycling. Using standardised products results in reliable and cheaper delivery of projects in short timescales (reducing purchasing, site construction and commissioning times).

The typical installation includes both Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) and Membrane Bio reactors (MBR) followed by Reverse Osmosis (RO) and pH correction,


Municipal water

Edenviro has worked on numerous municipal waste water treatment works in UK and across the world from options definition to commissioning.

We work on many different processes such as trickling filter works, activated Sludge for Nutrient removal, MBBR (Moving bed bioreactor) and Odour Control.


Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants for Housing Developments

Are you working on a housing development project, which can not be connected to a collective sewer?

We can help with the discharge consent application to the environment agency. We specify high quality package sewage treatment plants, which are easy to install, simple to operate, reliable and cheap to run.



Here are a few examples of the many projects we have been involved with:

  • Waste water treatment works with water reuse designed for 500,000 PE (average flow 135,000m3/d). The main process included new activated sludge plant with associated Final settlement tanks. New sand filters battery, followed by ultra filtration membranes and chlorine contact tank. Ferric Sulphate solution was dosed in ASP for Phosphate removal
  • Feasibility studies and optioneering for main water operating companies either part of growth or maintenance schemes.
  • Process support of MBR plant for Industrial water effluent