Environmental Services


Edenviro can offer many environmental services to assist you in determining the most appropriate use of your existing assets, helping you plan for future investment to achieve any waste water treatment or water reuse objectives.

We offer several services including, site surveys existing asset and performance review, concept designs and feasibility studies, sampling and analysis, bench scale or field pilot studies, and development of plant design briefs and detailed specifications.


Edenviro Consultancy specialises

in the following services:



Process evaluation and trouble shooting


Edenviro Process Evaluation consists of undertaking site surveys, collects historical data, organise water sampling and flow measurement to collect further essential data for the site capacity review.

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Environmental sampling and monitoring / Flow and Load Surveys


Edenviro specialises in comprehensive and independent environmental sampling and monitoring services.

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Feasibility Studies


Edenviro undertakes feasibility studies to determine the viability of your project/idea before proceeding with the initial development phase.

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Design and Project Management


Edenviro can draw on their experience of Commissioning and Site Operations to help with the design and simple effective cost management process.

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Plant Operation


Edenviro understands that small may not have the time or resources to monitor or/and optimise their assets.

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Commissioning and Optimisation


Edenviro has an extensive experience of commissioning small to
large-scale water, wastewater treatment plants nationally and internationally.


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